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Andie Smidmore

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Andie Smidmore is a welcomed presence at HR Dynamics, returning to us after completing her internship with HR Dynamics last year. Currently in her final year at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Andie is completing a double degree in Human Resources and Psychology. Originating from the renowned Barossa wine region of South Australia, Andie's journey to HR Dynamics is marked by a diverse array of experiences that she seamlessly integrates into her role as our HR administrator.

Before joining us and throughout her academic pursuits, Andie has developed a robust background through various roles in retail management, food and beverage service, and even as a grain classifier. These positions have not only refined her interpersonal and managerial skills but have also given her a broad perspective on different workforce dynamics.

Now, as part of the HR Dynamics team, Andie leverages her varied experiences and her education in both HR and psychology to bring insightful, empathetic, and informed approaches to human resource challenges. Her commitment to creating a positive and supportive workplace environment shines through her work, making her an indispensable part of our team. As Andie continues to navigate her final year of study, her passion for HR and dedication to personal and professional development are evident in every project she undertakes, promising a bright future in the field of HR.

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