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Leanne Whitaker

HR DYnamics

Human Resource Consultant

Leanne is a highly experienced human resources professional with over 15 years of experience in coaching and developing leaders. Her passion for people and culture has led her to specialise in Organisational Design, Leadership, and Capability Development.

Throughout her career, Leanne has held Senior Advisory and Organisational Development roles in the mining industry in Mackay, as well as in local government and government-owned corporations in North Queensland and the Sunshine Coast. She has successfully coached and developed leaders at all levels of an organisation, from front-line supervisors to senior Executives.

One of Leanne's core areas of expertise is running the 360 Degree Feedback process, which is an essential tool for leaders to receive feedback from their colleagues and team members on their performance, leadership style, and areas for development. Leanne has facilitated the 360 Degree Feedback process for numerous HR Dynamics clients, providing valuable insights to help leaders improve their leadership skills and build high-performing teams. She has also provided follow-up mentoring to help leaders implement the feedback and create a personal development plan.

Leanne is committed to improving the employee experience and ensuring productive working relationships. She is also skilled in facilitating Staff Engagement surveys, which enable organisations to measure and improve employee engagement and productivity. Her ability to build productive working relationships has been instrumental in driving positive change within organisations.

With a degree in Human Resources and extensive experience in coaching and developing leaders, Leanne brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the HR Dynamics team. She is passionate about helping Australian businesses develop their leaders, create positive workplace cultures and achieve their strategic objectives.

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