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Shayla Sheen

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Human Resource Consultant

Shayla Sheen has recently joined the Cairns HR Dynamics team as a HR Consultant, bringing with her an impressive background in human resources management, labour hire coordination, and apprenticeship program administration. Her experience prior to this role includes significant responsibilities at Enterprise Management Group (EMG) as the Team Coordinator for EMG Workforce & Community Apprenticeships Australia. In this capacity, Shayla led a small but effective administration support team, overseeing recruitment, data processing, and client support across labour hire and apprenticeship departments. She was instrumental in managing 24/7 rostering for placements, handling labour hire project quotes and orchestrating the full spectrum of recruitment activities in compliance with Fair Work guidelines.

Shayla's expertise extends to the interpretation of Fair Work and industry awards, management of wages and entitlements and the hands-on management of apprentices and trainees in both local and remote settings. Her adeptness in performance management, liaising with host companies and coordinating studies for trainees has been a hallmark of her professional approach.

Before her tenure at EMG, Shayla worked as a Labour Hire Coordinator, RTO Business Development, Compliance Admin, and HR Advisor at for a local Cairns Labour Hire company. Her roles there encompassed managing labour hire vacancies, conducting interviews, performance management, Fair Work mediations and ensuring compliance with WHS laws. Shayla's skills in managing staff certifications, marketing, website management and compliance and quality control of internal documents have distinguished her as a versatile and highly competent HR professional.

Shayla's background in RTO business development, high-risk compliance and client relationship management further complements her comprehensive skill set in HR consultancy. Her ability to navigate complex regulatory frameworks, coupled with her hands-on experience in operational HR tasks, positions her as a valuable asset to HR Dynamics. Shayla is poised to leverage her extensive experience and dynamic skill set to excel in her new role, contributing to the growth and success of HR Dynamics and its clients.

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