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Peter Grant

HR DYnamics

Human Resource Consultant

With over 34 years of residing in Cairns, Peter Grant is deeply connected to the local community. For the past 7 years, he ventured into entrepreneurship, running his own small business. This firsthand experience has given him invaluable insights into the challenges faced by small business owners, particularly when it comes to managing their HR needs effectively.

Peter's diverse career journey encompasses roles in administration within the Queensland Government, working for companies, and initially developed his HR skills in the retail industry. This extensive background has shaped him into a well-rounded HR professional with a comprehensive understanding of various business environments.

As a valuable addition to the HR Dynamics team, Peter will be channelling his expertise in HR administration and recruitment, while providing unwavering support to his fellow consultants. His keen eye for detail and passion for developing policies and procedures are instrumental in empowering businesses with the smooth operation they require.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Peter thrives on the rewarding journey of making a positive impact on workplaces and fostering environments where both employees and businesses can thrive.

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