Mentoring & Training

Tailored mentoring and training programs

One-On-one support

Each leader is unique, just like your business

Our mentoring programs are tailored to each leader and are designed specifically to meet their individual areas of development.

The coaching sessions involve a combination of reflective learning and theory based training on managing human resource issues and leadership skills.
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Do you additional training for your employees or have an existing leader who needs additional support? We have you covered!

Training & Strategy Sessions

£ GBP 2.00

Per person per month

$ Enquire

For a personalised quote
Or $2.70/month when paid annually

$ AUD 3.50

Per person per month
Or A$3.15/month when paid annually

$ CAD 3.50

Per person per month
Or C$3.15/month when paid annually

€ EUR 2.50

Per person per month
Or €2.25/month when paid annually

$ HKD 20.00

Per person per month
Or HK$18.00/month when paid annually

$ SGD 3.50

Per person per month
Or S$3.15/month when paid annually

R ZAR 40

Per person per month
Or R36/month when paid annually

₹ INR 200

Per person per month
Or ₹180/month when paid annually

₵ GHS 20.00

Per person per month
Or ₹180/month when paid annually

دج DZD 400.00

Per person per month
Or ₹180/month when paid annually

/- KEZ 100.00

Per person per month
Or ₹180/month when paid annually
Individual or Team Training available in:
  • Leadership Training
  • Communication Skills
  • Bullying and Harassment Training
  • Dealing with Poor Performance
  • Understanding Personality Types
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Customer Service Training
  • SWOT Analysis
Client testimonial

'The team at HR Dynamics have been very professional and responsive. Work related to human resources is constantly increasing, especially while having to navigate through a pandemic and HR Dynamics have assisted with alleviating some of this workload and associated pressures. Staff at Lifestyle Connections have also greatly benefited from the mentoring program resulting in identifying efficiencies and newfound confidence.'

Leo Brunker, Manager, Lifestyle Connections.

360 Feedback Reviews

Available for all organisations

The 360-feedback process is a highly effective tool that provides feedback on how individuals are performing from managers, peers, and direct reports perspective.
It can then be used as a platform to design tailored performance development plans leveraging individual capabilities. 
$550 + GST
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360 Review Process

Design 360 Survey

in consultation with you to ensure that it is appropriately targeted to your organisation.

Participant Training

Session/workshop to explain to those who are to have 360 feedback surveys what the process will be and the value they can expect to get from their individual 360 feedback.

Process of Completing Surveys

Establish who will be providing feedback. Communication and instruction on the feedback process. System generated emails with individual links for confidentiality.  echnical support and response to any questions.

Surveys and Reports Compiled

A report is produced for each person receiving feedback. Responses from each of the reviewers, except managers, are generally aggregated into groups. This protects anonymity and makes sure that an individual’s responses can’t be identified. Direct manager responses aren’t anonymous. HR Dynamics will then provide a one-on-one meeting with each participant to deliver and discuss the results.