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Caitlin Donigi

HR DYnamics

Human Resource Consultant

As a HR Dynamics consultant, Caitlin specialises in HR administration, recruitment, and providing our First Nations clients with HR support, mentoring, training, and development. With more than 15 years working in Education, Tourism, Arts, not-for-profit, private entities and communities, Cailin has honed her skills to analyse and develop creative and sustainable business solutions as well as implementing organisational improvements.  

As a Dagua woman from East Sepik Province in Papua New Guinea, Caitlin spent her formative years in Papua New Guinea, Germany, and the United States, and has lived in mega cities to remote Australian First Nations communities.  Her life experience has provided her with a unique and diverse lens through which she views and conducts herself personally and professionally. Caitlin is a dedicated advocate for fairness, equality, and providing equitable opportunities, and has a passion for Culture, empowerment, and uniting people through celebrating differences, facilitating understanding, compassion, and respect.

At HR Dynamics Caitlin oversees our staff engagement survey processes. Caitlin is able to create a secure and safe space for employees undertaking these surveys, promoting honest and constructive feedback. Additionally, Caitlin is organised and meticulous, making sure that the data collected is of the highest quality.

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