The Art of Recruiting: How to Get Creative and Find the Best Candidates

When it comes to hiring new people, we are often faced with the same old problems and the same old solutions. It can feel as though every other recruiter you speak to is telling you exactly the same thing, using exactly the same language and promising exactly the same solutions to every problem, whether it’s finding new employees or keeping your current ones happy. It’s boring! It’s dull! There must be something more exciting we can do with recruiting, something that excites both jobseekers and recruiters alike, isn’t there?

Know your requirements

First things first, have a clearly defined job description. This will help you weed out candidates who aren’t right for your position. And don’t be afraid to list hard-to-find or critical skills; doing so may be exactly what gets you noticed.

Look for people who are already in similar roles

Hiring through your network is always a good idea, but it’s even better if you can find someone who’s already in a similar role. Finding candidates through online job advertising is time-consuming, costly, and can be ineffective; you end up sifting through hundreds of applications (many unqualified) before finding a handful of qualified applicants (if you are lucky). Headhunting gives you access to a much more targeted pool of talent that’s actively looking for new roles.  Think about who you can call – don’t be afraid of calling, being approached for a job is actually a compliment.

Think about using Google Ad Words to target job seekers

Job seekers do a great deal of searching online, especially for jobs in their field. By focusing on a very specific set of keyword terms in your Google AdWords campaigns, you can tailor your adverts for individual job roles (and have them shown only when someone is looking for your specific position). It works!  This is the new form of passive advertising (like the newspaper used to be).

Consider social media advertising too!

Using social media to advertise positions isn’t a passing fad—it’s here to stay. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and more, it’s hard not to get excited about using these channels for recruiting passive job seekers. Social media is an incredible way to reach candidates who aren’t actively looking for work.

Have a robust interview process

The interviewing process is one of, if not THE most important part of your hiring process. Making sure you have a robust interviewing process in place will ensure that you don’t miss any red flags in a candidate. It also ensures that you have given candidates a fair shake at joining your organisation, which may (hopefully) mean fewer disgruntled employees who won’t be with you for long!

Don’t rush it – be patient

The first instinct of many is to rush recruitment. There’s a lot of pressure on hiring managers, especially in the small business world, where time is the most limited resource. In times like these, rushing your decision could easily backfire. Be patient! Follow the process you’ve established for your organisation—keep faith in it, even if it’s taking longer than you thought it would.

Our latest webinar above with Sam Ezzy from Get Synergy and Adam Frampton from Pink Bamboo Business Growth discusses creative recruitment in a tough labour market.

On the agenda:

-Running the numbers to know if/when to recruit & overcoming the fear of recruiting

- Why the labour market is so tough

- Strategies for creative recruiting

We hope this was helpful and as always, if you have any questions, please reach out!!

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