June 9, 2022

Do you need to review your Covid-19 Vaccination Policy?

Now that the majority of mandates have been lifted, what does that mean for Covid-19 policies in the workplace?

Our General Manager, Deanne Baker, says workplaces can update their policies, however, we are now largely operating without COVID vaccination mandates as automatic protection for maintaining COVID vaccinations in a number of workplaces.  The focus of policies is now changing and it is largely up to employers what they wish to do going forward now the mandates have been lifted (excluding education and some health sectors).  Therefore, the questions we are asking are:

  1. Do you still want to maintain a requirement for vaccination across your workforce and for any new recruits?  – you can still do this if you have a current vaccination policy in place the policy just needs to be updated
  2. Will you be able to attract new recruits if you maintain the vaccination requirement?
  3. Are you prepared to address any kickback you may get from new recruits questioning the requirement?
  4. Why do you want to maintain the vaccination requirement – what is the purpose for maintaining it?

If you no longer want to maintain the vaccination requirement, the policy can be withdrawn and therefore no longer applicable.  You would need to consult with your team about removing the policy (some employees still don’t feel safe and would prefer to have all their co-workers vaccinated – these are all discussion points for the team).  If there is consensus to withdraw the policy, no issue the policy becomes null and void.  This would then be replaced with a version of infection control regarding COVID which is more around maintaining distance, cleaning, testing, and staying home if testing positive.

The rules around COVID have changed so much in the past 12 months, including the self-isolation requirements so the policy needs to address the organisation’s stance on managing COVID.

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