July 19, 2022

Are you paying into Q-Leave – the portable LSL scheme?

Alert! Are you in the Building & Construction, Contract Cleaning or Community Services Industry?

Are you paying into Q-Leave – the portable LSL scheme?  

Portable Long Service Leave allows employees to continue to accrue long service leave whilst working for different employers within the same industry…. Even casuals.

If you aren’t – please contact us for advice.

Who is eligible?

Contract Cleaning

You’re an employer in the Queensland contract cleaning industry if:

  • you engage one or more workers to perform cleaning work for other people

Building & Construction Industry

Pool worker

Eligible workers include tradespersons, trades assistants and labourers who perform building and construction work in Queensland and who are engaged:

  • as a trainee or apprentice
  • as a casual, part-time or full-time employee
  • as a sole trader subcontractor (providing substantially labour only)
  • as a foreperson or sub-foreperson (performing building and supervision work)
  • by a labour hire company.

The “building and construction industry” is the industry of constructing, deconstructing, reconstructing, renovating, altering, demolishing, relocating, maintaining or repairing any of the following –

  • buildings
  • spa pool and swimming pools
  • roads, railways, airfields or other works for the passage of anything
  • breakwaters, docks, jetties, piers or wharves
  • works for solid waste disposal
  • works for subdividing or developing land
  • works for improvement or alteration of a harbour, river or water course for navigation purposes
  • works for storage of water or for flood mitigation
  • works for the irrigation of land
  • works for the conveyance, treatment or disposal of sewage or of the effluent from any premises
  • works for extracting, refining, processing or treating materials or for producing or extracting products and by-products from materials
  • works for conveying products, by-products or materials
  • works for the drainage of land
  • works for the storage of liquids other than water, or gases
  • works for the generation, supply or transmission of electric power
  • works for telecommunication or for the transmission of radio or television
  • bridges, viaducts, aqueducts or tunnels
  • chimney stacks, cooling towers, drilling rigs, gas holders or silos
  • pipe lines
  • navigation lights, beacons or markers
  • pile driving works
  • sporting or recreational facilities
  • earthworks other than for farming
  • fences other than fences on farms
  • structures, fixtures or other works not included in paragraphs above, but not including earthworks for farming or fences on farms.

Community Services

Workers in Queensland’s community services industry who:

  • are employed by an employer providing community services, and
  • perform community services work, or
  • support the provision of community services (for example, administrative and/or executive staff).

This includes workers who:

  • are engaged as a full-time, part-time or casual employee
  • are engaged under a contract for service, including labour hire workers
  • operate as a sole trader
  • work for both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations.

Who is not eligible?

Some community services workers are not eligible to join QLeave.

These include:

  • federal, state and local government workers
  • workers engaged to perform work unrelated to the purpose of providing community services
  • workers in standalone childcare and early childhood education centres, kindergartens and school-based childcare services
  • workers employed in aged care, in a nursing home or retirement village delivered by a standalone aged care provider or service.

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