April 11, 2023

5 Key Steps to Becoming a Great Leader: From Self-Awareness to Accessible Leadership

From developing self-awareness to embracing your unique style of leadership, and making leadership accessible to everyone, this blog post offers valuable insights on individual development, feedback, and tools for ongoing improvement.

Leadership is a crucial aspect of any successful business. Whether you are an executive, a middle manager, or an entry-level employee, leadership skills can help you make a positive impact on your organisation. However, becoming a great leader requires more than just a title or a position.

1. Self-Awareness

The first step to becoming a great leader is developing self-awareness. This means understanding who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you can leverage your strengths to make a positive impact. Self-awareness also means acknowledging your weaknesses and developing "work-arounds" to overcome them. When you have a deep understanding of yourself, you can lead with confidence and authenticity, rather than trying to be someone you're not.

2. Embrace Your Own Brand of Leadership

Great leaders come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. The best leaders embrace their own brand of leadership and lead from their unique strengths and abilities. When you embrace your own style of leadership, you can inspire others to follow your lead and achieve great things together.

3. Accessible Leadership

Leadership should be accessible to everyone within an organisation, regardless of their position or title. We believe that all leaders, regardless of their level within a company, should have access to the tools and support they need to develop their skills and become more effective. By making leadership accessible to all, we can create a culture of growth and development within an organisation.

4. Individual Development

Leadership development is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each individual has their own strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Therefore, it's essential to provide individual development opportunities, such as 1:1 support, coaching, and mentoring. These personalised development plans can help individuals address specific leadership or performance challenges and develop the necessary skills to succeed in their roles.

5. Feedback and Development Tools

Feedback and development tools can provide valuable insight into an individual's performance and help identify areas for improvement. By leveraging feedback and development tools, individuals can gain greater self-awareness and make targeted improvements in their leadership skills. These tools can also help individuals get started on their pathway to change and provide ongoing support throughout the development process.

Becoming a great leader is a journey that requires dedication, commitment, and ongoing learning. By following these five key steps - developing self-awareness, embracing your own brand of leadership, making leadership accessible to all, offering individual development opportunities, and leveraging feedback and development tools - you can cultivate the skills needed to lead with confidence, authenticity, and effectiveness. Remember that leadership is not about a title or a position, but about your ability to inspire and influence others towards a common goal. Start your journey towards becoming a great leader today, and watch as you make a positive impact on your organisation and those around you.

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