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Workplace culture is difficult to define as it is essentially intangible.  In a workplace with a “good” work culture typically you will find:

  • Staff proud of their workplace
  • A positive and focused working environment
  • Staff who enjoy coming to work
  • Excellent communication
  • Respected leaders
  • A productive workforce
  • Good customer service
  • Low staff turnover

Why is workplace culture important?

There are many reasons why workplace culture is important. However, essentially it comes down to the fact that a business with a good work culture is more likely to achieve superior business results and be more resilient through tough periods than a workplace with a weak workplace culture.

This is because in a strong positive work environment:

  • Staff will work harder
  • Staff are more likely to take ownership of problems (and solve them)
  • Productivity levels are higher
  • Staff are more professional
  • There is a better retention of staff and it will be sought after as a place to work

All of this translates to better customer service, company loyalty and increased profits.

Tips and Tricks To Creating a Positive Work Culture

  • Ensure you have an excellent recruitment and induction processes to select the right people for your business
  • Offer professional development to your staff to continue upsklling them in their roles
  • Reward and recognize your team and individuals. Celebrate achievements publicly
  • Deal with poor performers effectively
  • Hold an annual staff engagement survey. These should be done confidentially and conducted by a third party

If you are serious about being a profitable, resilient business then get serious about the direction you want the workplace culture to take. 

Contact us for:

  • Company wide staff engagement surveys
  • Communication strategy review and redesign
  • Reward and recognition review and redesign
  • Team building
  • Leadership coaching
  • Succession planning
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