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Recruitment includes employing people new to the organization as well as internal recruitment and promotions.

Why is it important to get your recruitment process right?

  • To reduce the costs of the recruitment process
  • To reach your target audience through the most appropriate channels
  • To select applicants who have the required skill set
  • To ensure that there is consistency in the interviewing process
  • To have a good understanding of what areas the new recruit will require development in
  • To ensure that a good induction process is undertaken
  • To ensure quality reference checks are undertaken
  • To improve retention through selecting the right people for the business
  • To ensure that proper probation reviews are conducted and any problem areas or concerns are identified and dealt with
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Tips and Tricks

  • Review the job description and identify essential criteria to be used in the selection process
  • Ensure that your job advertisement is well crafted (you want to promote your business and attract the right person)
  • Consider what are the most appropriate channels to use for recruitment that will fit your budget and reach your target market (agencies, on line, newspaper, radio, internally, LinkIn  - we recommend you check out as a starting point)
  • Prepare interview questions that will be used as a guide in all the interviews
  • Ask behavioral based interview questions (ask them about how they reacted to specific situations in their previous jobs – history repeats)
  • In the interview it is the candidate who should do the majority of talking not the interviewer!
  • Evaluate the candidate’s answers against your pre determined criteria
  • Conduct work based references (not friends and family)
  • Ensure that you have a well planned and structured induction process in place
  • Formally review the new staff members performance during their probationary period. We suggest doing this at one, three and six months.

If you get the recruitment process right you will be selecting the right people for your business. This will translate to excellent customer service, increased sales, a skilled work force and a positive work culture.  Can you afford not to have a good recruitment process in place?

Contact us for:

  • Tailored recruitment packages
  • Drafting job descriptions
  • Drafting interview questions
  • Drafting job advertisements
  • Setting up induction processes
  • Conducting probationary reviews
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