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IR Compliance

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Industrial Relations (IR) is the relationship between management and employees. Australia has a highly regulated IR system through the Fair Work Act 2009 for federally based employees (all business employees excepting State and Local Government Employee’s).

Why is it important to understand Fair Work?
You need to understand your legal obligations under the Fair Work Act or you may end up in the commission.  See our “Resources” page for our HR Essentials Kit which details out case law for both wage claims and unfair dismissal claims. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Always provide new staff with a letter of offer outlining position, classification and wage details
  • Make it clear how overtime, weekend work and public holidays will be remunerated
  • Have employees sign a staff handbook outlining company polices on commencement and annually thereafter (for refresher training)
  • Make sure you have good policy on dealing with disciplinary issues and grievances
  • Conduct investigations thoroughly and without preconceived bias
  • Award pay indexation usually occurs in July each year budget for a CPI increase in wages at this time of year

It’s important to ensure that you have fair and reasonable processes in place, understand your industry award and familiarise yourself with the National Employment Standards.

IR issues in the workplace are a headache. They can be costly, stressful and take you away from your core business. If you are not confident of your IR obligations we strongly recommend you contact us.

Contact us for:

  • Wage advice
  • Pay audits
  • Desktop HR audits
  • Specialist advise on IR and HR related issues
  • Drafting of polices
  • Drafting of staff handbook
  • Workplace training to management on Award obligations



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